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Cat is a former player of Yale University who later went on to play professionally in Italy. Garrett played at Sacred Heart University and continued his volleyball career at Durham University in the English Super 8's League. The two have coached with Gold Medal Squared for years and recently founded their own club in Connecticut, Northeast Volleyball Club, where they coach junior players as well as manage the NVA professional men's team Northeast Force.

In this interview:

0:27 - Garrett on the inspiration for starting the club.
2:09 - Cat relays her junior and professional volleyball experience and how it influenced their club's philosophy.
4:19 - Juggling the combination of beginning a new club and responding to the covid19 situation.
6:57 - "What are we going to with the [club] parents say 'I want my money back'?".
10:15 - What should we do about the current NVA season now that outdoor season is fast approaching?
12:28 - Cat talks about whether a professional women's league could exist in the US and why it might not work.
17:30 - Cat and Garrett discuss the challenges they've faced in bringing volleyball to Connecticut.
20:48 - Trivia Question: "Name 5 Players"
21:48 - Hi Carly.
22:36 - Trivia Question: "Music in Movies"
23:15 - A second cat appears.

Stay tuned for more interviews with Cat and Garrett about living and playing overseas!
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