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Test your knowledge of NJ High School Volleyball!!!

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You have 2 minutes!!!

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NJP High School Volleyball Quiz

NJP tests your knowledge of NJ High School Volleyball. Can you score 20 correct answers?

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Which NJ High School Volleyball has the most NJSIAA state championships?

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Which High School player lead the State of New Jersey in Aces in 2019?

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The NJP Predictor selected NJ High School game-winners last season at a rate of XX %?

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Since the State Tournament was initiated in 1988, there have been three high school volleyball teams that won championships three years in a row. Which of the following is not one of the teams?

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Which NJ High School Volleyball team has this Mascot?

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I has 144 kills as a sophomore last season and played my club season with Warren 6 Pack 17-1. Who am I?

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Which team has a higher NJP Preseason rating in the NorthWest Conference?

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Which player lead all high school players in New Jersey in Assists?

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I had 177 kills last season as a junior while piling up 39 blocks and 110 digs. Who am I?

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Which NJ High School Volleyball players from this years senior class had the most assists as a junior?

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Which NJ High School volleyball player was the 2019 Player of the Year?

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This current senior was second in the state in aces for 2019? Who is he?

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Which two pairs of high school players had the highest amounts of kills last season in NJ Volleyball? (2 answers)

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Which NJ High School volleyball player lead the state in Blocks?

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Of all NJ High School volleyball players that were sophomores last year, one had 50 more kills than the second place finisher for the class. Who was he?

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Can you identify this NJ High School Head Coach?

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What is the name of the Montclair Immaculate Mascot?

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This past year, Southern was not in the State Championship game for the first time in how many years?

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This NJ High School Volleyball graduated in 2019 and went on to play Division 1 volleyball for the Princeton Tigers. Who is he?

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Which NJ High School Volleyball player led the state in Digs last season?

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