“Tips from the Pro’s” – Josue Castillo

Name: Josue Castillo

Age: 30

Position: Outside Hitter

High School (Graduation Year): Garfield High School (2007)

High School Accolades: First team All-League, First team All-Area, and 3rd team All-State

College Career (Graduation Year): Ramapo College of New Jersey (2013)

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Major: Spanish Language Studies

Professional Volleyball Career: Team Freedom

What made you choose volleyball?

My first love was basketball, but volleyball came naturally to me. Once I tried it and did well, I was hooked.


What is your advice to high school players in general?

Become a complete player regardless of your position. Work to master all the skills to compete at a high level.

Advice to the guys who play your position?


It’s easy to want to take the credit for getting kills, but so much happens before the kill that allows you to be successful. Acknowledge your passers and setters!

If you could give tips to high school players on the following skills, what would you say?


Don’t focus on trying to make a perfect pass. Focus on giving your setter a great opportunity to run the offense with as many options as possible.


Positioning on the court and reading the hitter are the most important parts of defense.


Be smart. If you did not get a great set, pick a good spot and give your defense a chance to earn you the point.


Keep your head up and see what is happening. It will help you adjust in the air. (easier said than done)


Practice serving seams and the perimeter of the court. In high-level volleyball there will not be a “weak” passer. A good serve to the seam or perimeter of the court will always challenge your opponent.

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