Unsung Heroes Award 2021

June 2021

Old Bridge Libero Rob Obdyke is on a team of stars and may not always get the limelight despite his fantastic performances on defense. The Junior “Always” keep the ball in play and is a major asset in the Knights artillery.

When you are on a team with a superstar like Santiago Lopez, frequently some great performances pale in comparison. Ethan Lugo was one of the paving stones in the road to the Kardinals success this year.
Justin Spagnuolo was a major contributor to the West Milford Highlanders amazing Spring Season in 2021. The senior had Ryan Thenell and Matt Christ, two all-state team players on the squad who mostly got the headlines. But the Highlanders would not have been the Highlanders without his fiery level of play.
Southern’s Ethan Case gets overlooked at times despite anchoring the back line for one of the state’s best teams. He has done an amazing job on a very large squad, always making a poisitive contribution for the Rams.

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