State Tournament-North 1

Seeds announced 5-13-19

5-13-19 North 1 comments: No surprise that Fair Lawn locks down a number 1 seed after a dominant season and 27-1 record at the cutoff. Beating Old Bridge in Super 6 was another accomplishment but they did fall to Southern and St. Joe’s on the same day. That was a surprise. The questions in regard to North 1 were more about which team was going to be #2. NJP has Passaic slightly ahead of Bloomfield but the seed Gods saw differently as Bloomfield gets the slightly easier ride but we expect they will face each other in the semi’s. It looks like Passaic may face Eastside Paterson in the quarters, a team they have already lost to earlier in the season. One of the hottest teams of late is Belleville and they got some love with a #7 rank but will face Wayne Hills in the first round. Jefferson did not get any love with a #8 seed and will have a tough first round match-up with Bergen Catholic. NJP had Jefferson as the 4th ranked team in the sectional. Can any team knock out Fair Lawn from winning this sectional? We think not. NJP Choice: FAIR LAWN

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