The value of a community is that we can all come together and share ideas that advise and guide us through the tougher times and prepare us to celebrate at times of joy and accomplishment! Our volleyball community has endless resources and support if cultivated the right way. Leveraging our communities talents can be a powerful mechanism.

During times like this, many of us need some support to get through their days. We are weighed down with activity limitations, the unknown effect of the pandemic, a tumultuous political environment, national social injustice situations, and even our favorite sport being cancelled or postponed at the high school, club and college levels.

Our hope with the NJP website is to bring your focus off all the crap going on in the world and create something positive. We start with some continued news and profiles on some of the high school, club and college players, introductions to many of the fine coaches at all levels in NJ, and hopefully show some light at the end of the tunnel for the members of our community. We DM and message hundreds of players and coaches in NJ each month and attempt to provide a forum for ideas, conversation, and advice. We value good communication and transparency and hope we can provide a smile or chuckle for some of our fans each day.

We have posted inspiration and motivating videos on our NJP TV page. We have seen amazing support from high level college players and pros who have taken the time to send uplifting video messages to our NJ players. We have had our local Pro’s at Team Freedom share advice for High School level players. We have created the NJP “Faces” page to take some daily looks at surprise pics from our hero player and coaches around the state. We have buried our fans in information on volleyball stats and predictions as well as detailed rosters for clubs and high schools, and player and team ratings and rankings. We have a “Stories” page that display some really well done videos that our players can relate to and learn or get inspired from and a video clip contest for best clips of the year across various sections. And we try to keep our community engaged with informative and edgy posts to solidify a strong social following. We even ran a “What’s the Big Idea” suggestion box for fans to post new things they would like to see on the site.

But this page, Thoughts”, is a bit different.

Mental Health - Home Page - CDC

Mental health issues will continue to be a challenge over this next year. We would love to create an “inspiration wall” where members of our community can submit items daily or weekly that have helped them get through tough times. Hoping you can all be as supportive and send your additions to We came across an IG story from a member of our community, Sydney Lore, and it inspired us to present her “thoughts” below…

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All the best to all our fans and members of the community. And always feel free to reach out by email or DM on social channels to chat. If we can help in any way, just let us know… And please don’t be afraid to ask a basic question to friends that are struggling… “Are you okay?”



ARTICLE LINK <click here>

NCAA Article Link

NCAA Well Being Study

NCAA COVID and Mental Health


Submissions from our fans…


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