NJ Girls HS Volleyball 2020 Drop Knowledge

We will be posting various analysis for the upcoming season including pre-season data dumps, team analysis, Pre-Season ratings and rankings, Player ratings and rankings, and more… stay tuned.

Links to Analysis and Reports


2020 Team Analysis

2020 Pre-Season Ranking

2020 Pre-Season Standing Projections

2019-2020 Club Rosters Sorted by High School

2019 Girls Season Statistical Factoids


2019 Girls Overall Player Rating

2019 Girls Attack Rating

2019 Girls Defense Rating

2019 Setter Rating

2019 Serving Rating


2019 Overall Kill Leaders

2019 Overall Kill Leaders-Returning Players

2019 Kills/Set Leaders

2019 Kills/Set Leaders-Returning Players

2019 Overall Kill Leaders by Grad Year

2019 Overall Blocks Leaders

2019 Overall Blocks Leaders-Returning Players

2019 Blocks/Set Leaders

2019 Blocks/Set Leaders Returning Players

2019 Overall Block Leaders by Grad Year

2019 Overall Digs Leaders

2019 Overall Digs Leaders-Returning Players

2019 Digs/Set Leaders

2019 Digs/Set Leaders Returning Players

2019 Overall Digs Leaders by Grad Year

2019 Overall Assist Leaders

2019 Overall Assist Leaders-Returning Players

2019 Assist/Set Leaders

2019 Assist/Set Leaders Returning Players

2019 Overall Assist Leaders by Grad Year

2019 Overall Aces Leaders

2019 Overall Aces Leaders-Returning Players

2019 Ace/Set Leaders

2019 Ace/Set Leaders Returning Players

2019 Overall Aces by Grad Year

Brooke Tully | When you should be dropping knowledge

DROP KNOWLEDGE – Urban Dictionary

1.To give information or share knowledge on the subject of volleyball.

2.To teach something about volleyball.

3.To give advice or share volleyball wisdom.1. I had no idea he was a interested in volleyball until he began to drop knowledge about the National Tournament. He really knew what he was talking about!

2. Guy: I can’t seem to find that article on float serves I wanted to use for my essay in the library.
Girl: I took a class on float serves.
Guy: Word? Come on then, drop that knowledge!

3. My younger cousin was going through a tough time with his serve receive, so I had to drop some knowledge his way.

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