Considering Club Volleyball?

What questions should I ask?

Checklist of questions to consider when choosing a volleyball club:

General Questions

• How many practices per week will the team have and what is the duration of each practice? (Practices can vary for club to club. Know what you are getting for your money).
• Are practice days reduced during the week leading to a tournament?
• Where will the practices be held?
• What is the club’s playing time policy?
• How many tournaments will be attended; when and where?
(Tournaments may last one, two or up to three days. Some teams will play
tournaments “regionally”; other teams will travel to various tournaments
throughout the country).
• What is the coaching background/experience of each coach on the team?
• Has the coach ever coached “this” age group before?
• What is the playing level of this team? Open(Elite)? USA(National)? Or Club(Local)?
• Are there rules for interacting with the coaches during tournaments? If so,
what are they?
• Are there any teaching clinics held for the players outside of weekly practices?
• Is there strength and conditioning program held for the players outside
of weekly practices?
• What position will your child play? (Share with the coach at the tryout what position(s) your child wants to play).
• What is the process for evaluating and providing feedback to the players
DURING the season?
• How many players will be on the team? (Playing time is impacted by this
• Is the club a non-profit organization?
• What are the club fees? Get a complete itemization, in writing, of what is being covered by your fees. (Costs should be used for comparison between clubs to make sure you know what is and is not covered in their fees).

Typical Budget for Parents

• Annual club fee. Ask about the payment schedule.
• Uniforms: Cost may vary depending on quality; two shirts and a pair of shorts can cost $200-300. Know what you are getting for your money.
• GEVA Registration – $ Cost per player
• Travel – lodging/hotels, airline tickets, food, etc.
• Hidden costs. e.g. traveling to and from practice, gas, tolls, etc.

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