Team Rankings

High School Sports present a volatile environment for rating accuracy. Making game predictions based on math rather than the human element is risky at best. HEY… Who scheduled the junior prom on our game night? Our best player is out for three games with a sprained ankle… Jimmy overslept! (for a 4:30 PM game…). You get the picture. Our ranking system can not capture or interpret these situations. It can only rely on past results to predict future events. Our rating system is based on a maximum score of 25. The best team in the state will have that rating. All other teams will have a rating in relation to that team. What is the rating formula? Well… that’s our secret. But the key ingredient in the rating formula is schedule strength of opponents. Along with set score differential and various other factors that go into our algorithm. NJP picked NJ high school hockey games for 8 seasons at a win percentage of 85.6%. We hope to have similar results for NJ HS Volleyball.

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