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Will Immaculate Heart win their 14th consecutive state title in 2020?


7-18-2020 Many more college commitments researched and entered for the girls. We have 67 commitments to play volleyball at the college level recorded. 10 for D1, 8 for D2, and 49 D3. Link at

7-15-2020 Girls College Commitment page updated at

7-14-2020 Girls player interviews now surpass 25. 10 pending, more invites every day…

7-10-2020 Girls “DropKnowledge” page continues to be populated with both team and individual statistical analysis. Link at

7-9-2020 NJSIAA announces that the girls high school volleyball season we be delayed by about 30 days due to COVID-19 concerns and player safety. Article link at

7-5-2020 Some tidbits from last years stats: there were 3,455 high school games recorded in our database for girls in 2019. 800 games went to three sets or 23.2% of all games. The highest score of any individual game was 35-33 happening on two different occasions 10/14 as West Orange outlasted Columbia and 10/24 when Hillsborough defeated Ridge. The largest victory in any individual match was by Rutherford on 10/18 who limited their opponent to 5 total points in two games (25-1, 25-4). Surprisingly, home teams had a record of 1,437-2,018 with away teams winning 58.5% of all games.

7-5-2020 We have added club information such as website links and contact information to facilitate you connecting with clubs and getting information on club tryouts as they are approaching quickly for both boys and girls. Girls link at

7-4-2020 Pre-Season Rankings and Ratings posted along with detailed team analysis on projected lost stats due to grads. Player analysis of lost grads per team. Projected 2020 Standings posted. Individual players stats and rankings from 2019 beginning to be posted… kill data posted.

7-3-2020 We have begun our analytical reports for the 2020 season. Over the 4th weekend, you will see numerous team and individual analysis being posted under the girls “drop knowledge” menu.

7-1-2020 We currently are working on 11 pending interviews with top girls players. We invite new players and coaches to participate daily. Many, many thanks to the players who have participated thus far. We are greatly appreciative to them for taking the time to share their stories.

7-1-2020 Pre-season rankings will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

7-1-2020 As a reminder, NJP is a volleyball community website. Meaning we rely on tons of communication between players and coaches and fans to be vibrant. Don’t be surprised to get outreach or questions from us directly about game scores or roster data. We still have some outstanding relationships with former players and coaches formed over the past decade. We enjoy being a resource for players, parents, and fans. It makes NJP unique and hopefully a site that you visit often. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will find the right person that does.

7-1-2020 “Girls vs Boys”… Okay… certainly seeing some major differences between boys volleyball and girls volleyball. For one thing, the numbers of players, teams, and leagues are all double or more. The boys have a bit over 150 teams. The Girls are well over 300. And club teams for girls are 3x more than boys. And the other difference is rather glaring as well. Many of the boys are very focused on stats and usually have few words in their interviews. Direct and to the point. Not a lot of fluff. Many of the girls on the other hand have been amazing to work with on interviews. They are super articulate, excellent writers, and paint a picture for the readers that is vivid and well scripted. We will see how the “analytics” resonate with the girls once we start rankings, ratings, and pre-season report analysis.

7-1-2020 NJP has started its coverage of NJ girls high school volleyball. Over the past few weeks we have interviewed some of the states top players and coaches. Those interviews are available on the news and posts page or this link… We have covered NJ boys volleyball in 2019 and all preseason preparation for the 2020 season which was cancelled. NJP covered NJ High School and College Hockey for eight years before switching over to volleyball. Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports for boys and one of the most popular for girls. We feel honored to be adding our analytical expertise to a truly great sport in a truly great state.

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