June 2021

Congrats to all the new school teams that made a splash during the 2021 Spring Boys high school volleyball season.

4 of the 15 new teams had winning records (Randolph, Monroe, Pinelands, and Egg Harbor). Shabazz never got their season underway.

The Monroe Falcons had the best record of any new team at 11-4. They won a county tournament game, had a ten game win streak, won their division, and even won their first state playoff game. Their Coach, Vikki Stec, was awarded the NJP Coach of the Year Award for the GMC.

The Randolph Rams finished their season at 9-8 which earned them 4th place in the NJAC. They won their first state playoff game in their premier season. Half of their losses were in three sets.

Pinelands had the second best record of new teams at 12-9. They sported a seven game win streak and won their first state playoff game.

Hats of to these three top new teams on the block. We look forward to your sophomore years in 2022!!!

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