NJP Faces

The many faces of NJ volleyball…

The New Jersey volleyball community just never knows when their face will pop up on the NJP website. It’s our way of having some fun with the best players, coaches, and fans in the state of NJ and portray them as the heroes thay are…. We will always try to portray our pics, vids, and content in a positive way.

If we can create a few smiles during these difficult times, it’s worth it.

Apologizing for our sense of humor in advance…

Stevens Assistant Coach Annie DeLoid does not go ANYWHERE without a volleyball… smart young lady!!!

Olivia Szyszkiewicz from Union Catholic has moved on to life on the beach volleyball court at Jacksonville University studying Marine Biology. Stay tuned for many accomplishments from this awesome young lady…

New Years Eve in NJP Times Square…

Still waiting on college commits from some of NJ’s top male students including Gil Zyndorf from Fair Lawn…

Still waiting on college commits from some of NJ’s top male students including Tommy Deakyne from Southern…

Still waiting on college commits from some of NJ’s top male students including Aidan Apito from St. Peter’s Prep…

Still waiting on college commits from some of NJ’s top male students including Santi Lopez from Kearny…

Hackettstown Senior Ashley Carkhuff is ready to take the Tigers to a new level this year. The outside hitter had an amazing junior campaign with almost 200 kills, 147 digs, and 48 aces!

Rutgers Ironman Arvind Kumar has been knocking the lights out for the Scarlet Raiders. The former Southern outside just doesn’t know how to lose… 🙂

Alexa Hopman from Monroe has made strides to learn the longboard this summer. Now she can focus on leading the Falcons to the top of the GMC.

NJ Volleyball Goddess Patricia Rakova is Verona’s secret weapon on the attack… all hail the sophomore…

CJVA’s Abbey Balagot looks ready to rise up for the Scotch Plains Fanwood Raiders… in Lara Croft style…

Brookelyn Talmadge will emerge as a leader of the Immaculate Heart Blue Eagles as she enters her sophomore year. She will fly at you with wingspan and force on the attack. So will the Blue Eagle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Glad we had a chance to have some fun with the Cherokee connection… wishing you all a great night.

It’s gets a bit cold at Kean University in the winter. Wear a hat! But when Gwen Hangey hits the volleyball floor, things heat up in a hurry. Go Cougs!!!

Is that Miss America? Or Neumann outside Anna Mansel? Or… is it both?

Sydney Lore is a princess on the NJCU court these days. Looking forward to see her set the table for the Gothic Knights.

Bridgewater’s Lexi Fassilis doesn’t even like turkey… so after that post meal peppering in the backyard with her sister Hannah, desserts are the main attraction! Both girls anchor the Core 16 Platinum team!

Michaela Ryan from Princeton VBC has committed to play College volleyball at Gettysburg Class of 2025. Michaela led the Cherokee Chiefs in blocks with 34 as a junior and will be freezing her opponents attacks this Spring!

Former Hackensack Comet Caleigh Golabek had an award winning freshman year at Ramapo. The 6′ middle had 75 kills, 36 blocks, and 18 aces. The best is yet to come for this roadrunner…

Highland Park senior Victoria Li is firing up the engines for the girls spring high school season but first she is speeding toward her club season at Warren Six Pack.

Senior Anish Dhokte from South Brunswick is hoping for some Elfin magic that the Spring high school season comes off without a hitch. As only one of two returning varsity players from the 2018-2019 season, the Vikings will need his leadership.

Andrea Camacho is headed to the “University in the Woods” and will be part of Drew University’s first women’s volleyball program in 2021.

Southern Coach Eric Maxwell looks ready to take another plunge toward a state sectional title in 2021.

CBA Senior setter Colin Stevens is getting ready to go to battle for top honors as the Colts may be the best team in the state for 2021.

Krista Blassmann from Cherokee is breaking out a big Thanksgiving turkey for the holidays. We expect a big breakout season for her as well as a senior volleyball outside for the Chiefs in Spring 21′


Watchung Hills Head Coach Jens Madsen has been hanging out at the air field to help figure out how he can get his Warrior’s to fly in 2021. We all know that he will fare much better on the volleyball court than Coach Jens’ NY Jets will do on the football field…

Senior Tyler Myers is getting ready for Halloween as well as getting ready to lead the Rancocas Valley Red Devils into battle this Spring. Tyler will be playing for the CORE 18-1 club team this winter.

Like an Olympic gymnist, Coach Amy Berry at Garden State Elite always brings her A game to the floor.

CAUTION: This is actually a photo shopped picture. We know it does appear that when Kearny middle Nathan Aguilar plays volleyball he has a jet pack on. But he is powered by just his legs. FYI.

Will Smith is used to hanging with some high end personalities. He is shown here with former Harrison star Kevin Molina who is now part of the Kean University D3 team for his sophomore year and who was recently profiled on NJP.

NJIT Head Men’s Volleyball Coach Danny Goncalvez is going to have a hard time staying dry in the future as winning gatorade splashes are surely heading his and the Highlander’s way as they continue to assemble some of the best players in country at D1.

A couple of scientists chatting about the velocity of a volleyball our guess… You won’t want to miss Cut Shot Volleyball Club Director and Head Coach Ashley Cornett’s interview coming soon.

Head Coach Bill Mullins would jump over a canyon on a motorcycle if it meant it gave his Kearny Kardinals a better chance of succeeding. Kearny is always near the top of Hudson County and next Spring will be the senior year for Santiago Lopez, one of the best players in his class.

Maria Nolan… the Queen of New Jersey Volleyball. Thirteen straight state sectional championships for Immaculate Heart is just “Royal”.

Jim Balella the Head Coach of the West Morris Central Wolfpack will have the young ladies high school team ready for action come March 1!! Hoping for another Group 3 championship like 2018-19…

Coach Miguel Cabrita of St. Joe’s Metuchen is always hanging with the cool kids. Falcons should be near the top of the boys rankings come Spring! Wait… which one is Karch?

Montclair Immaculate Middle Johan Civil had an amazing junior year for the Pride and after missing his senior season due to cancellation, is on campus at Kean University where he hopes to walk on for the Cougars. We wish him well.

Gillian Hauschild graduated from Princeton High School and started at D1 Colgate where she will be playing volleyball for the Raiders next season. Colgate finished 24-8 last year and are expected to again be at the top of the Patriot League when play returns. Better than Games of Thrones.

Core Volleyball Head Coach Pedro Mundaray always gets his team ready for battle. He has assembled an awesome boys 18 team this year with Vinil Shah (Hillsborough), Steven Goa (WWPS), and Tyler Myers (Rancocas Valley)

McKenzie Melvin of Williamstown is looking pretty “Brave” as she and her Group 4 Champion teammates rev up for another volleyball campaign. They come into the season as the #9 team in the state after finishing 30-3 in 2019.

One of NJ’s biggest volleyball advocates in Fred Seigel from Warren Six Pack. Always fighting to give players the best visibility and exposure to College and University Coaches.

Roxbury Head Coach Anthony McMichael will bring his usual passion and intensity to the Gael’s program this upcoming season for the Girls as well as for the Dover Tigers Boys team. Sword in hand, he will need to have his team strike quickly in our COVID reduced seasons.

Liv Bereza from Westwood is a star on the volleyball court. She likes to hang with the beautiful people when she is not on the court. She is shown here with a Rock star!

Tyler Tam and Steven Gao… the Batman and Robin of WWPS. Go Pirates!

David Jones formerly of Rancocas Valley and now a sophomore at Kean University anxiously awaits the start of new season for the Cougars. David can fire up the offense at middle and extinguish opponents attack on the block.

Andrew Lucaszewski from Colonia had the most digs of anyone in the class of 2021. He will look to “dig” his way to the top of the GMC with a cast of mostly new team members at varsity for his senior year.

Brooke Atkins is ready to go to battle this year for Morristown. This junior has all the tools to launch the Colonials to new heights.

6’4″ SPP Middle Ryan Karbowniczak is ready to throw down some flaming arrows on Marauder opponents in 2021 as a senior.

Bridgewater Raritan Boy’s Head Coach Corey Romanak looks rather Lumberjack-like with his COVID beard. But you can rest assured the Panthers will be ready to chop down their opponents come season start!

Anaya Prince of East Brunswick has been a Gladiator at the net and on the attack for the Bears. EB opponents should brace for Power & Grace from this senior.

Alyssa Broccoli has been empowered to blast off the Drew University Volleyball programs in 2022 as Director of Volleyball and the first Head Women’s Volleyball Coach. T Minus 11 months to launch! Stay tuned.

Vernon Head Coach Jeff DeYoung always has his squad in tip top shape for the season. We are sure this year will be no different. Go Vikings!

Head Coach Brent Dodulik is a Kingsway Superhero. This past campaign, he reached 200 career wins as the programs first and only coach.

Head Volleyball Coach and daredevil Jason Carcich has been helping his Indian teams soar for many years. Not sure how many team members will be donning the wingsuit, but we expect some big things from Wayne Valley.

Head Coach Nick Landy is used to flying his Blue Tide players to achieve great things. We think Coach might be taking the selfie-stick a bit too far though.

Kobe Bryant once said… “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” North Bergen grad and now senior Jon Andrews of NJCU continues to insipre us all with his outstanding play and leadership.

John Durann was poised for a great senior season for the Howell Rebels until COVID hit. His Warren Six Pack experience prepared him well. We are sure you are speeding to your next adventure.

What an interesting pair found on the Long Branch beach… Elon Musk on the left and Aidan Apito of St. Peters Prep/SideOut Sports on the right. One of them is the most respected and successful individuals in his field, with the potential to change the face of the future. The other guy is Elon.

Does anyone know the difference between a Middle and a Libero?

Is that Taylor Riccio and Adam Levine? It’s hard to tell. Probably not Adam Levine. Sophomore Taylor is at Paramus Catholic now and ready to rock!

Just how high up did these seniors get last year on the joust? Melissa Wydak from Clifton and Jenna Rogers from Rutherford were always skyward bound. Melissa will be playing VB at Felician and Jenna is on to Nebraska as one of the best high jumpers in the country.

Bez Arslani should have been a pilot… because he can literally fly! Please support his breast cancer fundraiser tournament at https://njpowerranking.com/2020/09/22/arslanis-3rd-annual-dig-pink-tournament/

Justin Hong hangs with the beautiful people when he is not anchoring the Ridge Red Devils volleyball program. Think Gaga can sing the national anthem at Ridge’s first home game?

Zach Cuisinier of Old Bridge looks to spin his web on the Knights success in 2021.

Watch out for Jake Walsh of Wall this year. Looks like he means business. His Warren Six Pack experience should propel him to the top of the dojo. 

Senior Devon Adamy wants to ride the wave of momentum building for North Hunterdon this season as NJP’s #2 ranked team in their preseason rankings.

Senior Sofia Stack looks pretty comfortable in stressful situations which will help her and Kinnelon after losing 10 varsity seniors to graduation. The Colts will look to parachute in again on a group 1 sectional final after a 22-7 campaign.

Well we now all know how senior Cat Holtz will be traveling to Gettysburg College next year but will there be a volleyball state championship tournament visit first for her and her Mendham teammates?

Well it certainly looks like junior outside Chris Lynum from Livingston and Warren Six Pack has been working out during the COVID down time. He looks ready to rock for club season. 

Ryan Thenell has been an Iron Man for West Milford Volleyball. Now as a senior, he will carry the weight of the Highlanders attack. 

Old Bridge Head Coach Andrew Hopman loves his family, volleyball, and Mustangs… 2 great kids and 2 consecutive state championships…

NJIT Womens Volleyball Head Coach and Warren Six Pack Boys 18-1 Coach Pedro Trevino Loves to Cook as well as broil opponents…

Fair Lawn Volleyball Head Coach Peter Zisa had an amazing shot at a Boys State Championship until COVID hit… Tough break for the Cutters!

NJIT Highlander CJ Trevino ready to be a super hero in 2021!

SPF’s Nate Sta Rosa lets us all know he can move around well on and off the volleyball court… Class of 2021

Senior Konrad Beiniek from Jackson Memorial. Coolest volleyball player we know…

Sparta’s McKenzie Wiggins has multiple talents as evidenced by this video… and wait until she see her on a volleyball court… Wow!

Sofia Mattingly of VB Rags with her best Shakira impression

BC’s Brian Mendoza is ready to rock in 2021

Is that Vin Deisel or NJ Beach Volleyball star Tim Flanagan from Mendham?

Kearny’s Santiago Lopez will carry a big Voice for his senior campaign in 2021

Roxbury Gael Sammy Olander is a player, as evidenced by this video!!

Recent St. Peter’s Prep graduate JJ Post will be contributing to the NJP website. He is a sports journalism major at University of Wisconsin. You can’t see me!

The many faces of Josh Wilets from Randolph who recently graduated from Virginia Tech and will be contributing to the NJP website

TRS Senior Kelle Anwander should be smiling… it’s going to be a great volleyball year…

NJ’s favorite setter Gil Zyndorf of Fair Lawn has bulked up for his senior year.

Could JP Stevens senior Simrin Carlsen be the next 2021 NJ Volleyball Player of the Year? Mind Blown!

How good a girls beach volleyball player is young Ali Lubach? Good enough for a dance like this one? YES!

CBA senior Jack Dooling thinks NJ Volleyball and Mr. Rogers are Number 1…

Immaculate Heart’s Gianna Grigaliunas has a message to anyone who thinks the streak of 13 straight state sectional championships will come to an end…

Mendham’s Lauren Wilcock wants to know… where is my state championship? Maybe this year…

Three Amigos? Off the court maybe… Peter Zisa (Fair Lawn), Nick Landy (Harrison) and Andrew Hopman (Old Bridge).

Southern’s Liam Maxwell is one of the best volleyball players to come out of the Garden State. An amazing career at D2 Belmont Abbey concluded this year. He is our Captain America!

Jackson Memorial Class of 2020 grad Alex Furlong is on his way to D3 volleyball at Misericordia University. I think he has been in the weight room.

Marlboro’s Nick Brzoska Class of 2022 will have a strong season no doubt for the Mustangs!

Jefferson Head Volleyball Coach Marc Gaydos will look to spin his web of vistories again this season in 2021

New Marauder Head Coach Greg Steward brought his team to the Sectional final in his first year as Head Coach. With the force of a Panther!

Morris Catholic senior Ella Kretten is gearing up for a big senior campaign… We think Kretten is Irish but didn’t realize her allegiance to the Deutchland…

St Joe’s outside Christian Trevino has multiple talents… hitting, defense, a killer serve, CIA, Jack Nicholsen impersonator, superman, bodybuilder, naked chef, and Caddyshack enthusiast.

Southern Regional’s Rachael Pharo is working diligently on her NJP player interview. We know it’s going to be great!!

St. Joe’s Metuchen legend Miguel Cabrita is one of NJ’s best Head Coaches. We call him the “SuperCoach”.

Chris Larkin, SPP and Warren Six Pack 18-1 outside clearly rocks! Will be taking his game to D3 power SUNY-New Paltz Class of 2024.

NJ Player of the Year and Old Bridge native Elan Dorkhman has been a great contributor for Rutgers-Newark Volleyball… More to come in 2021. Expect a blast-off.

SPP Marauder Class of 2021 Ryan Karbowniczak (Larry Bird) and Pius Mwemba (Magic Johnson) battle for minutes at middle…

St. Joe’s Metuchen Falcon Christian Trevino’s baby picture

Piotr Namiotko from NJIT is ready for the big money in the Pro’s

Wayne Valley Class of 2020 muscleman Anthony DePalma missed a chance to get dual state championships after Wayne Valley prevailed over No. Highlands with AD making 10 catches for 135 yeards and a TD. He is playing volleyball at D3 Misericordia College Class of 2024.

6’7″ Bridgewater Class of 2020 Setter Griffin Feiseler was the NJP Volleyball Player of the Year as a Junior and now heads to D1 NJIT in the class of 2024.

NJCU Men’s Volleyball Head Coach Carlo Edra always gets the most out of his players such as Kearny’s Brandon DeSilva who lead the nation in blocks as a freshman and North Bergen’s Jon Andrews who lead NJCU in kills. Must be the light saber.

Southern’s Justin Kean (Class of 2020) is continuing the tradition of feeding D2 Belmont Abbey with top NJ talent. Looks like he has a quick way to visit Mom and Dad on the weekends…

D’Andrei Williams of Collingswood plays three different varsity sports, basketball, football and of course volleyball… Class of 2021.

Fair Lawn benefited from the intensity and passion of one of the best libero’s in NJ Alex Work for 4 years… he is headed to D3 power Springfield for college and hopes to get a championship belt.

Passaic Head Coach Omar Munoz has had amazing success these past few years in the Big North. Don’t mess with the Hulk!

Bergen Catholic’s Head Coach Omar Minaya is a volleyball prophet that engages and excites his players to be the best they can be.

Pat Longo is a Bayonne legend as Head Volleyball Coach for both Boys and Girls programs after 35 years and over 1,000 wins.

North Brunswick Middle Toby Ezeonu graduated in 2020 and played Warren Six Pack 18-1 last year. He is headed to Penn State as one of 7 new recruits so he can be both a Gladiator and a Nittany Lion.

Rancocas Valley Class of 2020 superman Caden Kelty is headed to Marymount. No Kryptonite allowed!

Ice Hockey or Volleyball? Fair Lawn Cutter Mark Berry makes the right choice and heads to D1 Sacred Heart in the class of 2024.

NJSIAA Assistant Director Al Stumpf has been looking after the interests of NJ student athletes for volleyball and is a NJP Hero!!

No, this picture is not doctored. You probably thought it was Zlatan Ibrahimović and Johnny Depp. Two NJ Volleyball legends: Besimir Arslani and Justin Beaumont.

6’9 Alex Leiba from St. John Vianney was a force on the volleyball court for the Lancers. Now graduated and going on to play Basketball at Penn State Harrisburg.

Passaic and GSE’s Anthony Contreras… is he a VB star or a Doctor? Well… he does dish out some major surgery on opponents… so let’s say both!

Bridgewater’s Peter Romayev was all ready to crack that BR lineup as a senior and then COVID came and like so many seniors, had a big disappointment. He is on to NJIT and hopes to walk-on for VB.

WWPN Class of 2020 Outside Nithin Kumar was a 2018 NJP 1st Team All-State member. Would have loved to see his senior year. He is on to Indiana University Class of 2024.

Who knew that Keanu Reeves was such a NJ high school volleyball fan… inspirational!

Class of 2021 Old Bridge Knight Aaron LaPlaca

Clifton High School Head Volleyball Coach Dan Crespo loves him some NJP and some Mustangs!!

Harrison Class of 2020 Middle Freddie Marchitto

Bergen Catholic and Warren Six Pack Libero Brian Mendoza

Senior Setter Gil Zyndorf (Fair Lawn) Quarterbacks the Cutters like Mahomes

Piotr Namiotko (D1 NJIT/Harrison Blue Tide) Loves his NJP!

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