Well it certainly looks like junior outside Chris Lynum from Livingston and Warren Six Pack has been working out during the COVID down time. He looks ready to rock for club season. More NJP fun at

Congratulations Justin Tuohy also a true freshman earning All-American. Both Justin and Andrew Zaleck are graduates of OBHS 2019. The community is extremely proud of these two players for all their accomplishments on and off the court! #OBVB Proud @DiMino_AD

Happy for the other Fall sports that got to start today. Wishing them luck. Would have loved to be in the gym today....only 155 more days to go! 🏐🏐🏐

Time is flying and the NJ volleyball club season is getting started or already underway. Get ready for the ride of your life. And make sure to visit for all the details.

SOVBC: "Conference Carolinas" updated their Men's Volleyball All-Time Career Kills Leaders.......our own Liam Maxwell (SRHS Class of 2016) comes in at #2!! Some legendary names in "CC" history on this list! @offtheblock11 @ConfCarolinas @donohuejr @njpowerranking


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NJ volleyball Club season is upon us and you can feel the excitement. Make sure to bring this dog to your tryout. #bestfanever (Watch with sound)

Thanks for your patience this week as we switch to a different “theme” on the volleyball website. The pieces are coming together and always appreciate your feedback. 👍🏻💥🏐

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