State Tournament-North 2

Seeds announced 5-13-19

5-13-19 North 2 comments: One of the more wide open sectionals is North 2. Ridge has been solid all year and was as high as #4 in NJP rankings this season. The Skylands conference always ensures a high level of competition throughout the campaign and Ridge did well with 16-4 overall record. Hudson County took down the 2, 3, 4, and 5 seeds with St. Peter’s Prep leading the charge by a slight margin over Bayonne, Harrison, and Kearny. Union County did not fare well as we expected SPF and Union to come out better than #8 and #10 as well as Elizabeth and Summit at #11 and #12. NJP had Livingston 13th in this group but they secured the #6 seed. Payne finished second in the Super Essex American, ahead of Livingston, but settled for the #7 seed. Payne has had several surprise wins this year, including knocking off Bloomfield in straight sets, and should be a team to watch. NJP Pick: RIDGE

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