“Tips from the Pro’s” – Carlo Edra

Name: Carlo Edra

Age: 36

Position: Setter / Outside Hitter (high school), Libero (college)

High School (Graduation Year): John P. Stevens (2001)

College Career (Graduation Year): New Jersey City University (2007)

Major: Health Sciences

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Professional Volleyball Career:

Head Coach of Team Freedom

What made you choose volleyball?

-When I realized I had no interest in other sports, I tried out what I grew up watching my parents, aunts and uncles play and it seemed to work out.


What is your advice to high school players in general?

-Play like there’s no tomorrow.

Advice to the guys who play your position?


-Notice where your blockers are set up. If you can’t see the ball on the opposing side of the net, that means you need to move from whatever position you’re in.


-Make sure you tell your hitters what to hit not the other way around. You’re the quarterback of the offense, run YOUR offense, be the leader!

If you could give tips to high school players on the following skills, what would you say?


-People think passing is done with your upper body but you have to get there with your feet first. Always work on footwork and exploding to the ball. Attacking the ball on serve receive is just as important as attacking the ball offensively.


-I can’t remember who told me this but it always sticks out in my head. “If you stand in the right spot, the ball will find its way to you.”


-Regardless if you get a kill by bouncing a ball, tooling the block, tipping or rolling it, it’s all worth the same amount of points, 1.


-Since drivers education and newly licensed drivers make up the age group of high school volleyball players, your hands holding the steering wheel with the 10-2 rule is a good distance to hold your hands while blocking.


-A good float serve is just as hard or harder to pass than a hard jump serve. Jump serving looks cooler but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective.

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