“Tips from the Pro’s” – Douglas Dzema

Name: Douglas Dzema

Age: 24 

Position: Middle Blocker 

High School (Graduation Year): Christian Brothers Academy (2013) 

High School Accolades: Second-team all state setter (Recently voted shore conference player of the decade)

High School Club Team: Warren SixPak 

College Career (Graduation Year): Sacred Heart University (2017)

College Accolades: EIVA offensive player of the week

Major: Bachelors in Exercise Science. In graduate school now pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

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Professional Volleyball Career: Team Freedom

What made you choose volleyball?

 I grew up playing basketball, soccer, baseball and didn’t pick up volleyball until high school. Of all the sports I played, volleyball sparked the most joy with me. It was the one sport that I couldn’t play enough of. 


What is your advice to high school players in general?

Find something that you love to do; Whether it’s volleyball, art, playing music, or reading and writingand find a way to make it your living.

Advice to the guys who play your position?

Hitting out of the middle zone? Never hit out of bounds. It’s unacceptable. 

If you could give tips to high school players on the following skills, what would you say?


Pass better


Be stopped when the opponent is hitting. This will enable you to react as a balanced player. Get out your lunch trays. 


Swing deep in the court, that’s where all the kills hangout. 


What you do in practice will translate to the game. Never give up on a set that you think is too fast. You cover way more court than you think. Hands over early and disciplined. 


The one aspect of the game that only you can control; set a routine, take a breath and always be mindful of your toss. 

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