With one month to the season start…below are the Pre-Season Rankings for all 149 NJ High School Volleyball teams. The NJP formula for calculating the rating system is based on last years records and win percentage and factors in lost statistics due to graduation as well as factors for returning players. It is entirely math based (as usual).

We have prepared PSR’s for almost 60 of the top teams in our ratings. The PSR links are located on the main menu.

We continue to update information for cross links to Club Team information. And we will be adding potential new additions to each roster before the season start for many teams listed in the PSR reports. Stay tuned…

PSR RankPSRTeamDivisionSection
125.000Fair LawnBig North IndNorth 1
221.816St. Joe’s MetuchenGMC RedCentral
321.459ColoniaGMC WhiteCentral
421.450Jackson MemorialShore SouthSouth
520.931SouthernShore SouthSouth
620.733Bridgewater RaritanSkylandCentral
720.654St. Peter’s PrepHCIAL RedNorth 11
820.389Old BridgeGMC RedCentral
919.855Wayne ValleyBig North IndNorth 1
1019.620ClearviewOlympic AmericanSouth
1119.144Jackson LibertyShore CentralCentral
1219.002St. John VianneyShore CentralCentral
1318.927LivingstonSuper Essex AmerNorth 11
1418.911KearnyHCIAL RedNorth 11
1518.815RidgeSkylandNorth 11
1618.808ManchesterShore CentralSouth
1718.536West Cald TechSuper Essex LibNorth 1
1818.476Washington TownshipOlympic AmericanSouth
1918.443PassaicBig North LibertyNorth 1
2018.128UnionUnion CountyNorth 11
2118.100Watchung HillsSkylandNorth 11
2218.095TeaneckBig North FreedomNorth 1
2318.008East BrunswickGMC RedCentral
2417.819HarrisonIndependentNorth 11
2517.623WallShore NorthCentral
2617.382Hunterdon CentralSkylandCentral
2817.325Rancocas ValleyBurlington LibertySouth
2917.223CBAShore NorthCentral
3017.198Atlantic TechBurlington PatriotSouth
3117.186BloomfieldSuper Essex AmerNorth 1
3217.005SterlingBurlington PatriotSouth
3316.989SnyderHCIAL WhiteNorth 11
3416.948JeffersonNorthWest Jersey North 1
3516.866PayneSuper Essex AmerNorth 11
3616.657Eastside PatersonBig North LibertyNorth 1
3716.384Donovan CatholicShore CentralSouth
3816.231Gloucester TechOlympic NationalSouth
3916.089PCTIBig North LibertyNorth 1
4015.656JP StevensGMC RedCentral
4115.220WestfieldUnion CountyCentral
4315.005Bergen CatholicBig North FreedomNorth 1
4414.786KingswayOlympic AmericanSouth
4514.652HowellShore NorthCentral
4614.485West OrangeSuper Essex ColNorth 1
4714.453Northern BurlingtonBurlington LibertyCentral
4814.452ImmaculateIndependentNorth 1
4914.372MoorestownBurlington PatriotSouth
5014.327SPFUnion CountyNorth 11
5114.270WWPNBurlington LibertyCentral
5213.755BergenfieldBig North FreedomNorth 1
5313.695West MilfordBig North IndNorth 1
5413.617WilliamstownOlympic AmericanSouth
5513.589Colts NeckShore NorthCentral
5613.272South BrunswickGMC RedCentral
5713.247DickinsonHCIAL RedNorth 11
5813.137RamapoBig North FreedomNorth 1
5913.132North BrunswickGMC WhiteCentral
6012.919BayonneHCIAL RedNorth 11
6112.788LakelandBig North IndNorth 1
6212.773Don BoscoBig North FreedomNorth 1
6312.622Eastside NewarkSuper Essex LibNorth 11
6412.622MarlboroShore NorthCentral
6512.309Hudson CatholicHCIAL WhiteNorth 11
6612.074Wayne HillsBig North IndNorth 1
6711.958MemorialHCIAL RedNorth 1
6811.652HackensackBig North FreedomNorth 1
6911.481EasternOlympic AmericanSouth
7011.436LincolnHCIAL WhiteNorth 11
7111.422Indian HillsBig North FreedomNorth 1
7211.286Science ParkSuper Essex LibNorth 11
7311.238BarringerSuper Essex LibNorth 11
7411.197BarnegatShore CentralSouth
7511.125Bergen TechBig North LibertyNorth 1
7611.074Pope JohnNorthWest Jersey North 1
7810.993Cherry Hill EastOlympic AmericanSouth
7910.832FerrisHCIAL WhiteNorth 11
8010.728CinnaminsonBurlington PatriotSouth
8110.720LaceyShore SouthSouth
8210.566JFK IselinGMC WhiteCentral
8310.544BellevilleSuper Essex AmerNorth 1
8410.470PiscatawayGMC RedCentral
8510.426MillburnSuper Essex AmerNorth 11
8610.418SummitUnion CountyNorth 11
8710.312Golda OchSuper Essex ColNorth 11
8810.297PennsaukenBurlington PatriotSouth
8910.282ElizabethUnion CountyNorth 11
909.795North BergenHCIAL RedNorth 1
919.731Toms River SouthShore SouthSouth
929.223VernonNorthWest Jersey North 1
939.072ChathamNorthWest Jersey North 11
949.001WoodbridgeGMC WhiteCentral
958.970West EssexSuper Essex LibNorth 1
968.806Pennsauken TechIndependentNA
978.784WWPSBurlington LibertyCentral
988.768McNairHCIAL WhiteNorth 11
998.764Central RegionalShore SouthSouth
1008.669Toms River NorthShore SouthSouth
1018.614East OrangeSuper Essex LibNorth 11
1028.558Union CityHCIAL RedNorth 11
1038.307EdisonGMC WhiteCentral
1048.252Paul VIOlympic NationalSouth
1057.850GarfieldIndependentNorth 1
1067.579CliftonBig North LibertyNorth 1
1077.114CollingswoodBurlington PatriotSouth
1086.818BurlingtonBurlington PatriotSouth
1096.424Camden CharterOlympic NationalSouth
1106.335METSIndependentNorth 11
1116.179Newark TechSuper Essex LibNA
1126.151Cherry Hill WestOlympic NationalSouth
1135.958St. AugustineOlympic AmericanSouth
1145.919Red Bank CatholicShore CentralCentral
1155.646LyndhurstIndependentNorth 1
1165.506Hopewell ValleyBurlington LibertyCentral
1175.463West SideSuper Essex LibNA
1185.436Long BranchShore NorthCentral
1195.341MontclairSuper Essex AmerNorth 1
1205.233Freehold BoroShore NorthCentral
1215.206Perth AmboyGMC RedCentral
1224.689OrangeSuper Essex LibNorth 11
1234.566HobokenHCIAL WhiteNorth 11
1244.314STEMBurlington LibertyCentral
1254.234Passaic ValleyBig North IndNorth 1
1263.725Bergen CharterIndependentNorth 1
1273.429North StarSuper Essex ColNorth 11
1283.415IrvingtonSuper Essex ColNorth 11
1293.092LindenUnion CountyCentral
1302.935Toms River EastShore SouthSouth
1312.797PlainfieldUnion CountyCentral
1322.600CentralSuper Essex ColNorth 11
1332.319Central Jersey CharterIndependentCentral
1342.294EagleIndependentNorth 11
1351.971Camden Tech SickIndependentSouth
1361.543ArtsIndependentNorth 11
1371.410KennedyBig North LibertyNorth 1
1381.240Roselle CatholicUnion CountyCentral
1401.175CamdenOlympic NationalSouth
1411.151Dwight MorrowIndependentNA
1420.791Woodrow WilsonOlympic NationalSouth
1430.633KeyportShore CentralCentral
1440.614Salem TechIndependentNA
1450.354Passaic CharterIndependentNorth 1
1480.186Hoboken CharterIndependentNA

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