March 11, 2020 – By NJP

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Each day, we hear more and more about the challenges that the COVID-19 strain brings to the world. The effects on sports in the US is reaching never before seen levels of cancellations of major sporting events, never mind putting the entire Spring High School season at risk.

With today’s announcements, which include The NBA shutting down until further notice, NCAA’s March Madness going without live fans, Travel restriction globally (no Europe travel coming or going), St. Patrick’s Day parade and event cancellations, many temporary school closures in NJ, and now even Tom Hanks being diagnosed with the virus, the white elephant in the room will surround around the Spring High School sports schedule.

It will be a shame to lose the much looked forward to Volleyball season about to start on April 1. Obviously, player and student safety will always come first for decision makers.

We welcome comments and views on the topic… even a brainstorm about potential alternatives to help the NJSIAA with their decision making…

CDC links here:

Wishing all members of our NJP volleyball community continued health and safety from this situation as well as a quick resolve.

2 thoughts on “Effects of Coronavirus Far Reaching”
  1. As you said it would be a major shame if the spring season was cancelled. I know as a player I’ve been personally looking forward to experiencing the benefits of returning every single varsity starter and competing at the top of the state for this upcoming season. I’m very passionate about volleyball and I have a dear love for the game. It would break my heart to see the season end in such a way and I’m hoping that we as a community can find a solution in anyway possible to continue competition across the state. I think it would be beneficial to postpone the start of the season a couple of weeks and practice social distancing while the schools are closing down. I also see high school sports as not a large place of gathering and the spread of the infection would most likely stay the same with a maximum of 25-50 people in one general area. I’m sure it would be possible to not allow students or parents to enter gymnasiums which would greatly reduce the amount of people in one area. Whatever it comes down to I am hoping that any solution except the cancellation of the season can be reached. Thank you for reading my message!

  2. Well thought out comment Brayden. Let’s sure hope temporary measures will be enough to not put people at risk. Like many other organizations like the NCAA, having no or limited fans is a potential option. Or a temporary stoppage until normalcy resumes like the NHL. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Go Greyhounds!

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