Voting will commence until Sunday, April 4th at midnight. The top 3 from Group A and top three from Group B will advance to the finals. You are allowed to vote up to five times per device o allow votes for multiple clips. The top 12 videos were ranked and seeded and then split into each division. The seeding overall and which clip made the cut were based on “like to viewed” ratio on Instagram as well as NJP staff ratings.

UPDATE: McNellis, Herh/Wang & Mendoza advance to FINALS

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which of these NJP Clip of the Year Candidates is THE BEST (Group A)?
A1 – Griffin Fieseler (BR 20′) Statement kill from the heavens
A2 – Drew McNellis (Williamstown 22′) with the big block
A3 – Brian Mendoza (BC 22′) Impossible dig and pass
A4- EB’s Dan Herh ’20 to Ed Wang (20″) big back set to kill
A5 – Christian Trevino SJM 20′) Big Block on Owen Heft
A6- Fair Lawn’s Dennis Narteh (20′) from Gil Zyndorf (21′). Bam!

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