April 3, 2020 – By NJP

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Jayson Camacho of Essex County West Caldwell Technical High School this and discussed a wide variety of volleyball topics. Jayson, like many other New Jersey seniors, is waiting patiently for the world to return to normal so he and his Eagle teammates can continue on their quest to bring WCT volleyball to new heights. Last season, this squad came together for one of the best seasons in the schools history going 20-7 and reaching the final 4 in their sectional and the final 16 in the NJ state volleyball tournament.

Camacho, and his good friend Christian Prophete, have propelled WCT to major contenders in Essex County. Their stats are top notch and if you look closely, 10 of the games stats were not entered for the year. Meaning these players on average are putting up some of the best numbers per game in the state. Jayson averaged over 10 kills per game while contributing 11 assists per game. Put that in perspective for a second. Andrew Zaleck, the NJ Player of the Year, posted 457 kills (best in the state) in 44 matches. Almost identical per game numbers.

Powered by these two returning players stats, NJP has the Eagles at #17 in the pre-season rankings after finishing in the top 25 last year. If we can get our season underway, we feel the best is yet to come from Jayson and the Eagles.

This is our interview with Jayson…

Hi Jayson… Tell us a bit about yourself? (What school do you attend, what town do you live? What year are you graduating?, family?, etc…)

I attend Essex County West Caldwell Tech. I am a senior and will be graduating in June 2020. I was born and raised in Newark, NJ with my mother, father, brother and sister. I am the oldest of the three of us.

How long have you played volleyball and what inspired you to take up volleyball initially?

I started playing volleyball four years ago when I was a freshman. My JV coach/Spanish teacher, Mr. Ponce inspired me to play as well as a few of the seniors that year. They all saw I was athletic and thought I had potential, so I gave it a shot. I haven’t regretted my decision to play once.

What are your metrics/details? Height, vertical, position, club team, etc… What’s your favorite position to play?

I am 5’11 and play outside hitter/setter. I really enjoy playing outside hitter. 

How are you dealing with current world situation with COVID-19? 

Currently, it’s a struggle due to not being with my teammates, coaches and friends. It’s sad because we all looked forward to this year and were very excited. All the things we did last year and how we proved everyone wrong, made us more hungry. We wanted to show New Jersey we were capable of more.

Do you support potentially moving the spring season to summertime when the world will be safe again?

I would really like it if we can move our season to the summertime. A senior year wouldn’t be complete without playing the whole season, it wouldn’t be the same.

How will your high school team do in the upcoming season? Do you have a lot of returning players? What will be the key to success?

My team has a group of very talented individuals. We know each other as if we were brothers. We go out every day of the summer/fall/winter to get some play time in so we can think of different strategies for our team. Our key to success is just to stay positive, always play as a team, and not be selfish. 

What is your favorite volleyball story?

My favorite story would be the State tournament. West Caldwell Tech was given the 13th seed and scheduled to play the 4th and 5th seed, Wayne Valley and Teaneck. Everyone doubted us on even making it past the first round. We went into that first game locked in against Wayne Valley and played our best game. We ended up coming out of that game with a win. The same with Teaneck. We never fought so hard to prove all of those who doubted us along the way. As a team, we trusted each other and we made it to the semis to play against the 1st seeded team, Fair Lawn. Although we didn’t come out with a win,it was a great game that ended an even better season finishing 20-7. 

What do you do during the offseason to stay in shape and prepare for next year? (Club team? Workouts? Watch VB vids? Go to College games?) Do you play other sports? (if so, which ones?)

I usually go with my teammates to play volleyball at open gyms or at a park in Orange, NJ to always stay on our game and in shape to avoid being off of our game.

Who is your favorite teammate and why?

My favorite teammates are Christian Prophete and Carlos Rivera, who are also seniors. Christian is the energy of our team and makes sure we are locked in every game. He makes sure I am always on my best and will pick me up when I am down on and off the court. Carlos is a great competitor and brings that on the court to have the entire team ready to compete. They both are huge factors to our teams success and will greatly help our team do big things this season. 

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