USC volleyball player teams up with The Player's Tribune

August 23, 2020 – By NJP

Victoria Garrick, a walk-on at University of Southern California, had over 1,600 digs for the Trojans during her College career. A somewhat unheard of situation that a walk-on would even get in to a game as they compete with some of the most highly recruited athletes in the country. What was even more dramatic about her debut as a freshman was that USC was the #1 team in the Country. The drive and determination from Ms. Garrick to create this amazing story did not go without consequences.

Victoria has become an amazing spokesperson for athletes who face anxiety and depression during their college experience. The often unseen challenge can be debilitating in so many ways. Ms. Garrick faces it head on in this educational and spot on TedX talk that every high school senior should watch.

15 minutes of your time well spent. For athletes and for parents…

Victoria continues with her campaigns after graduation. She also brings awareness to “body-type” stigma’s in addition to her work with mental health awareness. Her Youtube channel link is below…

Victoria Garrick Youtube Channel Link

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