October 17, 2020 – By NJP (Updated 11-14-20)

Masks While Playing Volleyball? We are living in a dynamic and ever changing world these days. Health risks and modified policy decisions will always be made with student safety in mind. Will be able to adjust? Change never comes easy. But the answer is… of course.

I was surprised last night when I tuned into to watch a Women’s NCAA match between Notre Dame and Pittsburgh. It was a truly amazing match with Pittsburgh jumping out early, playing well, and taking a 2-0 lead in games. Notre Dame fired back to win the next two forcing a fifth set. And the Fighting Irish battling to a 17-15 final for the win. Great match and great fun to watch.

But the astounding part was the way the girls, officials, coaches and fans adapted to wearing masks. It was absolutely seamless. And it seems like this will become the new normal not only at NCAA levels, but across all levels of youth volleyball. We came across a great article by Dave Stewart of GameTimeCT this morning on the topic and wanted to share the link here. Worth a 5 minute read for sure.


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