April 9, 2021 – By NJP

CG2’s group of ten is a competitive grid. Wall took the #1 seed at 9-2. NJP has a solid favored team here in #5 seed Governor Livingston. GL is 5-1 and was a preseason favorite. Over the last week they have restablished themselves as a top team in the state. Taking Kent Place to three sets was their only loss but also tells you their caliber. Wall has been super this year at the shore. They beat Red Bank Catholic two straight, and their two losses coming into this week were to St. John Vianney and TRS, two very good and highly ranked teams. Their last game they lost to Raritan who is also in the grid and sports the best record in the group. Voorhees is solid as well making this an a really competitive tourney.

With Wall, GL, and Raritan all in the same side of the grid, we will see some great second and third round matches. We also think Vorhees can get to the final game but may not have enough firepower to stay with the top of the grid.

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