April 9, 2021 – By NJP

The North Non-Public A contains the dominant Immaculate Heart Academy as they go for their 14th straight sectional title. Despite only 6 teams in the grid, Immaculate will have two difficult games on their way to this accomplishment.

In all probablity, they will face Kent Place first after their first round buy. And then #1 seed Hudson Catholic will stand in their way. Hudson Catholic has been unbeatable this year in Hudson County. Their one loss came after a two hour trip to Williamstown to face #6. This will be a different landscape and Hudson is jammed with talented players who have had IHA in their sights for this opportunity. IHA despite losing a game to Northern Highlands, is still at the top of the NJ talent grid. This will be a marquis matchup for the entire state to sit back and enjoy.

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