April 9, 2021 – By NJP

The NPSA is an awesome bracket with potential to get to the semi’s at every seed. 9 teams make up the grid with five teams from the top 45. We have some disparity with the seeds as NJP has Donovan Catholic as the top rated team despite a #3 seed. St. John Vianney takes the #1 seed with a solid 9-2 record and a great season thus far. Union Catholic has struggled this season which is very unlike to perennial power. But they will bring it for the tournament and we expect them to be a formidable opponent at #2. Mount St. Mary, St. Thomas Aquinas, Red Bank Catholic, and Paul VI have great records and great teams.

We don’t think Oak Knoll or Camden Catholic can get first round wins. NJP favors a shore showdown of Vianney against Donovan with Donovan winning a three set thriller.

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