April 8, 2021 – By NJP

N1G2 is such a solid group with their top 6 teams with an average rating of 23.1. It has three top 20 teams and 8 in the top 100. #4 Demarest got the second seed and is one of NJ’s elite teams. Sparta is rock solid and comes in as #14 in NJP’s statewide ranking and garners the #1 seed in the group. Both River Dell and Pascack Hills have had abbreviated seasons and could surprise any team in the group. Jefferson at 9-2 has had a great season thus far and has already beaten some top teams. Indian Hills, despite their 4 losses, certainly has the talent to surprise.

Demarest and Sparta are the clear favorites to meet in the group final. Demarest has the slight edge in our projections as they have been tested and withstood challenges in many tough matches already this season. Sparta with McKenzie Wiggins can beat any team on any given day. But Noa Shuminer from Demarest is in the same class. River Dell is starting to build momentum after the late start and can be a formidable challenge to both top teams in the group. Despite the talent in Jefferson, Indian Hills, Westwood, and Pascack Hills, NJP does not think they can stay with the top 2.

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