April 9, 2021 – By NJP

SG2 has 13 teams and one team in particulat to watch from the lower seeds. Barnegat is the third highest NJP rated team but received the #9 seed. They are capable of beating any team in the grid and took Donovan Catholic to three sets this week. Pinelands also comes in undefeated with a #5 seed. Sterling has the #3 seed and they are undefeated as well. Cinnaminson has the highest NJP rating at the #2 seed. They finished just one PP away from the top. Oakcrest has the #1 seed in the bracket and has a 8-1 record.

Cinnaminson, Sterling, and Pinelands are all on the same side of the bracket and we see one of these teams in the finals. Oakcrest and Barnegat are projected to meet in the semi-finals as well. Veronica Tikhomirova is a standout player for the Tigers.

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