April 9, 2021 – By NJP

This is a super powerful grid with some of the best and highest ranked public teams in the state. NJP thought the inevitable rematch of Southern and Williamstown would make up the finals. But Cherokee has slipped into the number one seed here and #3 Rams and #6 Braves have dropped back to in all probabilty face each other in the semi-final. Cherokee has many weapons and a solid squad. It was good enough to take down Southern in the one match they had this season. But their two other losses have left a bit of doubt as to whether they can sustain another effort of that caliber. We also have undefeated WWPS sitting at the NJP #15 spot in the state and looking to make their statement on a potential perfect season. The trio of Sibana Gonzalez, Skylar Henrick and Alisa Vukovic are as formidable as they come.

Cherry Hill East is loaded with top flight players and Kingsway and Howell have solid teams. Washington Township also has a high powered attack. But they be just short against the top teams in the grid.

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