May 9, 2021 – By NJP

The NJP Boys High School team ranking #3 has been updated as of Sunday, 5-9. For the first time in our history, the top three teams in the rankings are within .08 rating points or 8/100 of a point. The top three are in a virtual tie for top billing. The computer algorithm knows no bias and has keeps analyzing data per the formula. SPF has been annihilating opponents and their victory margin is by far the highest in the state. CBA and Southern have been playing higher caliber teams and have a much lower victory margin. Southern’s microscopic drop in rating points was drive by their 2 lost sets, one from this week, and they could not rebound even after drubbing Rancocas Valley on Saturday. This is driving the trilogy closer and closer to each other and this week, they converge in a dead heat. This week will bring definition, even as soon as tomorrow when Southern visits CBA for what is sure to be an epic battle. The Predictor will have a big challenge for that game as the two teams are in a rating deadlock. Stay tuned.

Here is the updated ranking…


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