May 16, 2021 – By NJP

We completed a site refresh for team rankings, ratings, sectional rankings, player rater, and some additional team analysis today. Here are the quick links:

Overall ranking update:

Sectional ranking update:

Conference ranking update:

Analysis of Margin of Victory and Schedule Strength by team:

Player Rater (By Rating and by School Alpha):

Monday’s Predictor:

Our year to date Predictor summary is below:

It was a solid week with a 87.8% win percentage. An interesting trend has emerged… the NJP Predictor is 20-0 on Saturday games. We are 90% over the past 5 days. We will see how the new rankings and ratings hold for this week.

Ranking Notes:

SPF continues to rise in the ratings despite again getting the 25 this week. The distance between them and #2 and the rest is getting larger. They have still yet to lose a set. CBA still with a strong hold on #2 and Old Bridge moves up into the #3 spot, knocking down Southern to #4. Fair Lawn with their biggest jump of the season is now #5, Moorestown remains undefeated at #16, Bosco to #18 and Williamstown jumps into the top 20 at #20. Livingston all the way back to #24. Undefeated Payne Tech to #26 and Newark Beastside to #25.

We have added a “blooper” version to the Clip of the Year contest. Bloopers can be submitted by boys or girls. Thanks to all the players and fans that have made submissions thus far, We will start unveiling them on instagram and Twitter mid week. The deadlines remains this Saturday at midnight. And then voting will start for all three categories. We expect a semi-final round and then a final round for votes. There will be a “Clip of the Year” page on the main menu for everyone to watch clips and vote.

Top match-ups for Monday: SPF vs Union, Livingston vs. Newark East Side, St. Peter’s at Bayonne, St. Joe’s vs Colonia, and Hunterdon Central at Ridge.


Yes, we are always talking about the math, and the stats, and the numbers…

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