May 30, 2021 – By NJP

Here are the finalist for the “Girls” addition of the NJP Clip of the Year Contest. There are seven finalist chosen from consensus of NJP staff of all of the Clips submitted. Congrats to the finalists for making the cut. The voting poll is below the Clips. Voting will comence through Sunday June 6th at 8PM. We will reveal the results at that time. You can vote up to five times per day for an individual clip. Votes in excess of the 5 time per day per clip max will be eliminated by IP address.

Thanks to all the girls who submitted clips.

Cat Holtz from Mendham gives us a “Back Row Bazooka”
Sydney Salazar from Paramus Catholic delivers a “Middle Missile” for the Paladins
“Blast from the Pink Shoes” from Roxbury’s Victoria Latino
Michaela Ryan from Cherokee gives us a “Tomahawk Block”
“Flying Alicante” St. Thomas Aquinas outside hitter Olivia Alicante flies in from the left side and drills a kill!
Bella DiGioia (MOCO-No HS Team) get cued up a middle set and she puts it away with authority for a “Club Crush”
“Hackettstown Teamwork” – #13 Alexa Kozimor with the serve. #22 Laura Gruener Block, #19 Nicole Crowder dig, Alexa sets #3 Ashley Carkhuff, Ashley digs the block sending it to Alexa, she sends it back to Ashley who hammers it down.

What is your favorite NJP Clip of the Year for "Girls"?

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