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July 5, 2021 – By NJP

Having “any” experience at a Junior National Volleyball tournament is a situation to be revered. These are typically massive tournaments with the best of the best in the country participating. In the event that you can put up a couple or few hashes in the win column, it is just an amazing accomplishment. New Jersey is still young in the evolution of embracing volleyball like baseball (t-ball/little league) for boys and dance or gymnastics for girls where it is so common to start at a very young age. Many other states like Texas, California, and Florida have participating teams at Nationals at the 10U and 11U age groups, leaving it incredibly hard to compete with at the older ages when NJ will usually start at 14. Our advice for participants is to enjoy every second of these tourney’s. Soak it in even if you are getting broiled. And appreciate the perspective gained on developing your own skills to their maximum potential.

There are three tournaments which will be reporting and updating on. USA Volleyball sanctions one major National tournament where you need to earn a bid to compete for Open and USA levels. There is a tournament for girls and for boys. The Girls tournament is going on right now in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Boys tournament is also underway in Kansas City, Missouri. The third tournament has concluded this past week, the AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida. This is also a bid tournament but has many other divisions that are non-bid.

Here are the participants and results grids:

Here are the summaries of the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada..

Cherry Hill VBC 12 Black (Jersey Juniors)

Cherry Hill VBC 13 Black (Jersey Juniors)

Cherry Hill VBC 16 Black (Jersey Juniors)

Cherry Hill VBC 17 Black (Jersey Juniors)

USANY 17 Fortitude

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