September 19, 2021 – By NJP

We continue to try to bring our analysis of NJ girl’s high school volleyball to a new level, and we have incorporated a number of new data points into our standard formats. Our first overall ranking was loaded into the site this morning during the wee hours and this new format adds not only overall rankings, but sectional rankings, group rankings, and conference rankings. We have also added team statistics per set for all major categories. You can also see the schedule strength factor used on our rating system.

Despite these added “looks”, it is so very apparent that many schools do not provide detailed scorecards each night for player stats. 61 teams currently do not enter player stats or roughly 19%. One of the best part about high school sports is you always have access to a volunteer or student manager who can gain experience taking charge of the teams stats. It seems like a missed opportunity from our perspective but we know the many challenges coaches and AD’s have juggling all of the many responsibilities to make a program run smoothly.

Our goal is to inspire and showcase as many players and teams as possible. Inspiration can be contagious and getting visibility of players to the NJ volleyball community, even with almost 4,000 players to sort through, is a goal. If you think showing off your stats or having articles on a player or team is not inspiring or motivating… think again.

Before the season gets too deep, let’s see if we can get a few dozen more teams to log this information. We totally understand it’s not the stats that makes our game so great. But for any player who strives to play in college, it can be a big disadvantage in getting a coaches attention.

For the data freaks… We hope you enjoy this new presentation.


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