September 27, 2021 – By NJP

Wait a second. The school year just started! How can we have report cards already???

Well this is a girls high school volleyball report card… so to speak.

We just completed our player rater formula and will be posting the results tonight. But basically the report card represents where you stand in a percentile basis against all of your peers in high school. So if you get a 70% rating, it means your player rater score is better than 70% of the high school population in that category.

The player rater uses per set averages so we have an apples and apples comparison. It also weighs the level of competition your are playing based on your team schedule strength. We publish information in a number of different types of “looks” on the NJP website. Some are based on pure totals of stats and are others use a formula to calculate like the player rater.

We have sorted these by school team so you can access easily… individual categories will be posted shortly… and note, these are not by class year, they are for all high school players as a whole.


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