November 9, 2021 – By NJP

Congratulations to all of the players and fans who have submitted entries to the NJP Clip of the Year Contest. There are some phenomenal clips and vids showcasing many of NJ’s top talents on the volleyball floor. There were also some unusual and creative submissions from bloopers to slo-motion versions and we appreciate the time taken to put them together.

We have gone through and rated the submissions and culled them down to two lists of 7. We also have them in two categories.

We would like to congratulate these semi-finalists. They are in no specific order:

GROUP 1 – Defense

“Insane Saves” Anna Malandro & Jordyn Hamlin (Southern)

“Quick Hands, Quicker Feet” Sara Christie and Steph Ramos (Jackson Liberty)

“Scrappy Save” Cassady Smith (Notre Dame)

“Speedy Save” Sami Schneider (South Brunswick)

“Never Give Up” Mia Bonilla (Elizabeth)

“Super Saver Kill” Nailah Williams and Anniyah Cox (Plainfield)

“Pancake Anyone?” Katie Webber (Mendham)

GROUP 2 – Attack & Block

“Lightning Strike” Maddy Oehme (Donovan Catholic)

“Thunder from the Pink Shoes” Victoria Latino (Roxbury)

“Blast from the Summit” Vivian Roberts (Summit)

“Right Back at Ya” Jayne Wilkinson (Pinelands)

“Last Years Champ Blast” Olivia Alicante (STA)

“Amazing Grace” Syd Wacha, Laine Kulpinsky, Chloe Colaner, Maddie Oehme (Donovan Catholic)

“Rocket Launch” Mary Huegel (Colts Neck)

We would also like to thank every player who submitted. This was a pain staking process to eliminate some of the submissions, as they all were excellent and worthy of inclusion. But we ultimately used our grading system to pick each tier.

Voting will commence later this week and will run through the last day of the season on the TOC final date of 11/21/21.

There are so many teams and players in NJ, we will award each category group winner “Clip of the Year” Champ. So two winners for the price of one…


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