November 21, 2021 – By NJP

Voting has now closed. We have tabulated up all of the votes and are pleased to announce our new winner!!!!

In Group A…. Our Winner… with 25.2% of the votes in the Defense & Digs Category…

THE GOLD MEDAL GOES TO: Sara Christie & Stephanie Ramos of Jackson Liberty for “Quick Hands, Quicker Feet”.

#6 “Quick Hands, Quicker Feet” by Sara Christie 2022 and Steph Ramos 2024 – Jackson Liberty Lions

In Group B… Our Winner… with 35.5% of the votes in the Hits & Blocks Category…

THE GOLD MEDAL GOES TO : Vivian Robert of Summit High School for “Blast from the Summit”

#21 “Blast from the Summit” by Vivian Roberts – Summit 2023 Submitted by Coach Tony Martins

Honorable Mentions:

Congrats to our Silver Medal winners Olivia Alicante of St. Thomas Aquinas (Pool B) and Sami Schneider (South Brunswick (Pool A).

And lastly our Bronze medalists Katie Webber – Mendham (Group A) and Syd Wacha, Laine Kulpinski, Chloe Colaner, and Maddie Oehme -Donovan Catholic (Pool B)

Here are the votes from both pools:

Thanks to all that participated and especially those that made the finalist lists. This is our first NJP award of the Fall Season. Now that the season has concluded, we will be populating many more awards over the next two weeks including All-State Teams, All-Conference Teams, Overall Player Awards, Best Attack Awards, Best Defense Award, Best Setter Award, Best Blocking Awards, Team Awards, Coaching Awards, and a some rather odd awards that no one will see coming. 🙂 Stay tuned.

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