June 30, 2022

Award Certificates from the 2022 Boys High School Volleyball Yearbook are now ready for download. There is a certificate for every award issued in the Yearbook as well as All-Section teams which were not included in the published final.

You can scroll through the sort by team name and find your certificate(s) and screen shot or print them based on page number.

We hope you enjoyed the yearbook. If you have not downloaded yet, you can easily do so at https://njpowerranking.com/2022/06/29/njps-2022-spring-boys-high-school-volleyball-downloadable-yearbook/

We would love to hear feedback on the yearbook and what we can do to make it better. Please send your thoughts and ideas to njpowerranking@gmail.com.

Please feel free to drop us a line over the summer and let us know how your doing or what volleyball activities you are engaging. If anything is happening with your high school or college team, like a new coach, transfers, etc… chat us up. We try to be a resources for the entire volleyball community so feel free to ask anything related to VB and we will try to help. Available by email or any social DM.



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