July 27, 2022

Player quote: I’m very excited for our upcoming season. We have a lot of talent and dedicated players. I am a libero and my goal is to give good passes to our setter for our strong hitters in the front row. My team is physically and mentally stronger than we were before and I can’t wait for this season to start

Hi my name is Mia. I am a multi-sport athlete. I’ve played softball pretty much from 3 years old. I started travel Softball when i was 12 and this was my love until I discovered volleyball. I started playing volleyball in 4th grade for my elementary school. First year was so much fun even though we didn’t win much but by the next few years we had an undefeated team and won tournaments and championships. I attended summer camps at Williamstown high school for 4 years won contests and MVP. Coach Sheppard and Coach Coop at Williamstown HS helped me become an even better defensive / libero player. I play for Williamstown High School and as a freshman I made the varsity team and we went on to win the state championship. Last year as a sophomore I was our starting libero and we went on to win conference title. I then made first team tri county. This year as our team became stronger and stronger we went on to win 3 tournaments, group 4 state champions and we won our first ever Tournament of champions with an undefeated record of 37-0. We made history at our high school this year. I’ve been on the leader board for Aces and Digs. I also play for Eastern volleyball academy since I was 14 and have had a successful last few years with more undefeated seasons and wins. I’ve also played travel softball for the NJ Gators organization as well (catcher / 1st baseman and 3rd baseman) but I have such a passion and love for volleyball that I decided to focus on volleyball and I will not be playing travel softball anymore. I will play for my high school team. I hope to have the opportunity to play volleyball at collegiate level. I try very hard with my academics and Im always working towards honors. I am currently in the law academy at Williamstown HS and I am a manager for our wrestling team and I enjoy being part of many organizations. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.

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