April 16, 2023

We are soliciting your help to get database records as accurate as possible. Coaches and Players… there are a considerable amount of players who do not have grad years posted. We run many statistical reports by grad year and would like to recognize players with achievements by class. Of the 1,629 players in NJ high school volleyball that have register a stat so for this season, just 59 do not have class year information posted. They are shown below. Players: If your name is on this list, and Coaches: If your player is on this list, please make an effort to add the class information to the main database so these players can be recognized in the NJP player rater, class year stat reports, and other analysis.

With less than 4% of total players on the list, it should be an easy cleanup. And as new players are added, which there will be many, staying on top of making sure grad year is included is important.

Here is the current makeup of players by class year:

Seniors – 691 (44%)

Juniors – 535 (34%)

Sophs – 292 (19%)

Freshman – 53 (3%)

With great appreciation…


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