NJP has established a new feature called “Quick Set” where we ask NJ’s best high school volleyball players a quick set of questions and feature the answers daily on the site. Congratulations to the players selected and we appreciate the time taken to jump in and share their thoughts. (Players: Watch your IG messages for future invites) The questions will change throughout the season and we expect some players will repeat as being a part of this content in the future. Let’s applaud these role models for representing NJ’s best!

April 25, 2023

Trevor van Valkenburgh is a junior at Jackson Liberty high school. He has started at varsity since his first year as a freshman and is a seasoned club volleyball player for Warren Sixpack. He posted some strong numbers as an underclassman and continues with his solid play as a junior. In just 9 games this season, he has posted 4 matches with double digit kills and has put back almost a block per match. Over the next year, during his junior and senior seasons, you will hear his name mentioned frequently. He aspires to play collegiately and will be a top recruit in NJ as a senior outside hitter.

Tell us about your team this season.

Our team took a massive hit with the loss of five players that graduated last season. But we still have a lot of talent on this team, and with the right mentality and work ethic, I believe we can go far this season.

Who is a player to watch on your team this season (other than yourself)?

Someone to watch this season is Elijah Elias. He has a big roll to fill this year and I believe that he is the guy to fill it. With his leadership and his eagerness to learn to become a better setter, he is definitely someone to look out for.

What big games are you looking forward to playing in this season?

The team and I are always excited to get out on the court and play, but the teams we really want to play are Manchester, and Jackson Memorial. Memorial has always been a rival for our school, and Manchester is one of the toughest teams in our division. So we all can’t wait to see who will come out on top in those games.

Tell us your early season prediction for the best team in NJ?

The best team in NJ will be Old Bridge. Old Bridge lost a couple of their star players, but they still have strong hitters, and smart players all around.

What’s the best part of being on your school’s volleyball team?

The best part about playing for Liberty is that no one knows us. And every time we come out with a win over a big school, if feels great showing people who we are.

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