May 29, 2023

There are 64 teams that are still playing in the Spring 2023 Boys High School Volleyball season and we are getting down to the wire to award 8 sectional and 4 group state champion titles. NJP takes a continued look at the games on hand for Tuesday and Wednesday in quarterfinal match-ups across all 8 grids. By Wednesday night, just 32 teams will remain. Noting some premier matchups for the quarterfinals and games to watch:

We are predicting that 8 matches will go to three sets of the 32 on the grid:

In North 2, the #36 Wayne Valley vs. #24 Bergenfield match-up should be a scorcher. Both Big North teams come in to the match with just 6 losses. Wayne Valley was a top 10 team earlier in the year and Bergenfield has come on as of late. The algorithm tips the scale to Bergenfield after taking Hackensack to three sets and playing Fair Lawn within 2 points per set.

Also in North 2, #48 Garfield and #49 West Milford are a virtual dead heat in the ratings. It’s NJIC vs Big North in a match that may see 150 combined points.

In North 3, #10 Ridge visits #7 Fair Lawn. History will show, you never want to face Fair Lawn in the state tournament and its unfortunate that these 2 top teams are playing in the quarterfinal round. Despite losing 5 of their last 7, Ridge is a solid squad and survived the tough Skyland schedule. Three of their 7 losses were in three sets. We still like Fair Lawn to come away with a tight victory.

In North 4, #29 Passaic Tech will bring in a smoldering 23-2 record into their match with #32 Westfield. These two teams are within a half of a rating point. This could certainly go either way but we will give PCTI the edge.

In South 1, #132 Pennsauken Tech and #126 BelovEd Charter. This should be a very fun match with a slight edge for the home host in Hudson County who won’t have to travel a couple of hours.

In South 3, traditional favorite #44 CBA has had a rougher season than normal and will face the #1 seed in WWPS. WWPS has 7 losses and somehow got the #1 seed despite being 100 power points behind Northern Burlington. But I doubt Northern Burlington is complaining in what seems like a much easier road at #2. Colts Neck may be the best of the three with Cherry Hill West not to far behind. But the match with CBA and WWPS should be a very tough three set matchup. And WWPN and Colts Neck will be equally as fierce. Colts Neck should survive but the CBA/WWPS is a toss up.

In South 4, #30 Kingsway and #46 Eastern are close enough to dictate a 3 set match but we expect Kingsway to figure a way to face Old Bridge in the next round.

After almost 1,900 games this Spring, we can see the end of the season within sight. There is still some amazing volleyball yet to play with the best yet to come.

Here is our analysis and predictions:

Good luck to all teams.


2 thoughts on “State Playoff Game Predictions Quarterfinals”
  1. In the case of South 3 (why WWPS was able to swap seeds with Northern Burlington):
    Seed Jumping Procedure (if used)
    1. Seed jumping will receive consideration only when a lower-ranked team has defeated the team
    ranked immediately above (higher).
    2. Any split of head-to-head matches will be dropped from the discussion.
    3. Movement in the seed may occur one step at a time on the basis of the Head-to-Head criterion (i.e., If
    6th in rank has defeated 5th in rank/seed, then they switch positions; if 6th in rank defeats both #5
    and #4 then a double jump.

    WWPS beat Northern Burlington 2 matches to 1 this season, so they were able to switch positions. Those of us on the committee who met virtually (the state did not hold a meeting this season) were in agreement.

    1. Thanks for the clarity on this Coach Jeff. Really appreciate it. Are there any more exceptions in this category on using power points to determine seeds? It would seem appropriate to do this, especially if the PP points were close and within a certain range. I assume the BCSL tourney win did not count for NB (after the cutoff)?

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