September 24, 2023

NJP strives to be bring the most accurate statistics for both team and individual players. Almost all of our end of year awards are based on our “Player Rater” which brings overall value to each individuals contributions to their teams in comparison to schedule strength of their competition. We express these stats not as a be all, end all of individual achievement, but as one more barometer to compare players across the state and provide college recruitment agents a real view on players abilities and potential.

Everything you see on the NJP site will focus on positive recognition of both team and individual performances. However today, as we embark on our continued efforts to educate and hold teams responsible for their record-keeping, we will begin our campaign to suspend teams from our reporting that are clearly not adhering to the rules of recording statistics. We have launched and re-launched the correct way to record high school volleyball statistics. Here is a link to that post… CLICK HERE

We will be keeping an ongoing list below and remain hopeful that corrections can be made and teams can be removed from the list. If you see clear cases of improper accounting for individual or team stats, please email so we can review the facts. This is not meant to be a wall of shame, but rather an opportunity to get all teams on board with proper accountability for stats.

New article on stats 9/23/23 CLICK HERE


None for first player rater but coaches need to respond on reviewed items below as soon as possible…


Being in this category does not mean your stats are incorrect. It just means that certain individual stats are analytically exceeding normal and will be monitored and reviewed.

Jackson Liberty recording serve receive as digs (video review)… please correct as soon as possible…

Lakewood… please correct as soon as possible

Bergen Tech dig totals overall out of normal range

Morris Tech dig totals out of normal range

Barnegat point ratio exceedingly high against Lower Cape May

Lakewood 43 digs vs Calvary Academy 9/7/23 (Dig level above norm for two set match, confirm with coach or review video for serve/receive being counted)

Oak Knoll freshman has 20 aces in two matches (confirm with coach or review video)

Elizabeth recorded 51 digs in a 2 set match against Monroe on 9/8/23 (Dig level above norm for two set match, confirm with coach or review video for serve/receive being counted)


Jefferson… many thanks Coach Rose

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