Here are the teams for the East Coast Power Volleyball Tournament at Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia, PA on Saturday, February 8th.


ADVANCING: Club Lehigh Power 18 Force 4-0 (8-0)

ADVANCING: Club Lehigh Power 17 Force 3-1 (6-3)


ADVANCING: First Capital 3-0 (6-0)

ADVANCING: Club Lehigh Power 18 Power 2-1 (4-2)


ADVANCING: Prevail 18-1 3-0 (6-0)

ADVANCING: Club Lehigh Power 17 Surge 2-1 (4-2)


ADVANCING: Club Lehigh Power 18 Inferno 4-0 (8-0)

ADVANCING: (NJ)SideOut Sports 18-1 3-1 (6-2)

Seven NJ Club teams representing…

Rough tournament for NJ teams at Competitive Edge as the King of Prussia 18U event.

Atlantic Valley VC 18 & 17, CJVA 17 Red and Black, SideOut Sports 18-2, and Princeton 18 National were all eliminated in pool play.

SideOut Sports 18-1 finished 3-1 (6-2), only losing to the eventual Champion Lehigh Valley 18 Inferno in pool play. They then matched up against unbeaten Lehigh Valley 18 Force in playoff action and fell in a 37-35 thriller with both teams just not quitting. Force lost to Inferno in the finals.

Club Lehigh 18 Inferno Tournament Champions

Congratulations to Team Inferno and NJ players Jake Fryc and Caden Kelty on their tournament win!!

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