August 2, 2020 – By NJP

It’s all coming together! Thanks so much to all of the members of the NJ high school volleyball community for taking the time to send us information for the club database. Some late night IG messages, emails, DM outreach… it’s all very appreciated. We have hundreds of messages between players, coaches and fans and just one that couldn’t take the time to help. That’s just awesome!!!

Our percent of complete keeps rising and many of our high schools are missing from the 14 and 15 age group. We are trying to nail down the 16’s and 17’s first to have a proper presentation for the upcoming season roster on potential players. But making amazing progress. We think we have all team rosters complete, are up to about 50% with identified high schools and about 90% of grad years are entered. So keep the info coming!!!!


UPDATE 2: It’s been one week since we posted about needing your help to finalize our girls club listing data including high school and grad year. We have received numerous additions to the list which are noted in bold text in the reports below. We are getting there thanks to all of your help. It is VERY appreciated!!! All we need is one person per team to help? 🙂

We know if you take a look at the list, you will be able to “fill in some blanks”. Just DM us through social or send to


UPDATE 1: We have begun our ambitious research project of identifying every girls club player in NJ as well as identifying and listing the high school they attend. Nobody said it was going to be easy. But we are a “community” website so everyone can play their part in helping. The best part is, when we are done, we can have a list high school rosters by all the travel players, levels, and club teams they play for… and that’s right, even more statistical analysis to project team strength for the 2020 season, for all you info junkies out there.

OK… this was much easier for the boys, but we are never afraid of some data collection and number crunching, even if for 2,500 club players! 🙂

So start sending your info updates to njpowerranking@gmail or DM us through any social channel (IG, FB, Twitter) if you know some of the missing data. This puzzle will be so much better than those game apps on your phone right? If we all work together, we can get this done in no time. Daily updates will be made and progress shown toward our goal of completion. It’s a COVID volleyball team builder!!!!

Take a look and start filling in the blanks by reference number and send to us. Looking for confirmation of missing players on each team, high schools attended, and a check on grad years. Give us a heads up if you see any mistakes too…

Our goal will be to have this 80% complete by 8-15-2020. Many thanks to all who can help….

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