Want to track where our former NJ High School players ended up in college. Scroll down to the table and check out the current players who have progressed to NCAA D1, D2 and D3 schools.

NOTE: Best viewed on a desktop or tablet (Scroll right or down for more info)

We have summarized in the following table current college players at D1, D2, D3 so fans can track their favorite NJ players easily and efficiently. The list currently does not include club players. There are live links to the college bio pages where you can see current and historic stats. You can also sort the table by high school, club, or name as well as other categories.

If you see any discrepancies or missing info that you can provide, please don’t hesitate to email us a njpowerranking@gmail.com so we can research and update the table.

We have 2020 college grad year players included in this presentation as well as 2021-2024. Note that some 2024 recent additions to the college ranks may not yet have bio pages with delayed or cancelled seasons due to COVID.

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