November 3, 2020 – By NJP

We expect Jackson Liberty’s new look Lions will have junior Dollir Churyumov running the offensive attack for the Spring 2021 high school season. Dollir has been working hard on developing his game at Warren Six Pack over these past two club seasons.

Dollir brings a lot of skill and competence to the table. His club experience will continue to prepare him for an upperclassman leadership role on a Jackson Liberty team that was projected to be a top team at the Shore for the cancelled season in 2019-2020. Churyumov has sweet hands and provides some tasty nectar for his hitters to feast on while attacking. Dollir is versatile and has solid instincts. He makes good choices at the net and has the ability to spread the offensive attack across multiple positions at left side, right side and middle.

Dollir sets middle Jeremy Smith during a Warren Six Pack Club match.

Dollir and Zach Rowan are both Six Pack juniors who are expected to shine for the Lions. Churyumov also brings positive energy to his teammates while providing a calm reassurance to his players. He exhibits strong leadership skills that will only get better as confidence gets built in the next two seasons. This is his hallmark in addition to his amazing music selections on his highlight video below.

Here is our interview with Dollir…

Tell us a bit about yourself, Dollir?

I attend Jackson Liberty High School, and I live in beautiful Jackson, New Jersey. I am graduating in the year of 2022. I am an only child, and I love both of my parents with all my heart, they support me and help me through everything. My parents are from a republic in Russia called Kalmykia.

How long have you played volleyball and what inspired you to take up volleyball initially?

I have been playing volleyball for fun with family since I was really young. I started to play competitively my Freshman year of high school, that’s when I found out about the amazing club, Warren Sixpack. My Mom used to play when she was in high school, and she had always wanted me to play volleyball, so once we heard there was a school team, I wanted to try out.

What are your metrics/details? Height, vertical, position, club team, etc. What’s your favorite position to play?

I’m about 5’8. I’m not really sure what my vertical jump is, but I know for a fact it isn’t the greatest, my hands make up for it though. I am a setter, and I play for Warren Sixpack 17-2’s. I love playing setter.

Gorzynski, Daniel / Welcome

Tell us about your Lions teammates. Who do you expect will be this year’s standout and up and coming players?

My Lions teammates are amazing. The thing I love most about the team is that we play with pride, and never give up. This year, I think Zach Rowan, Tyler Rosofsky, and Pardys Ahmadi are going to be key components to the team. I think some up and coming players will be Mike Rizzo, and Connor Hills.

NJP considers you as one of the top players in the state. Do you plan on playing in College? (If so, which ones are you looking at?)

I don’t plan on it, but if I have the opportunity to, I will. I have gotten a couple emails from Kean and Drew University, which just introduced their Men’s Volleyball program.

Jackson Liberty has a big rival in Jackson Memorial. Memorial have will have both Konrad Bieniek and Ben Fryc from the 6 Pack 18-1 team as seniors for the Spring 21 campaign. How do you think Liberty will stack up?

I think our team is going to be pretty solid, and if we do play Jackson Memorial during the season, it will be a close match up.

What is your expectation for this years Lions squad?

My expectation for this year’s Lions squad is that we will be a solid team, and we have the strength to win the Shore Conference B South Division. That is the main goal, from there we will take on the Shore Conference Tournament, and then States.

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Tell us about your club volleyball experience at Warren Six Pack.

Warren Sixpack is an amazing club. The coaches and the players are great. I have learned so many things at practices that helped me get so much better than I was my freshman year. It’s also really cool to learn from and be coached by College players, and even College Coaches. Traveling to play the sport you love is also an amazing experience. I have made so many friends from playing for Sixpack.

Liberty was expected to have a top 25 team for the cancelled Spring 2020 season. How will your team rebound after the discontinued COVID season.

For this season, our team will try to do what we couldn’t do last season. Last season our main goal was to win the division, and then go from there, to states and the Shore Conference tournament. This year we are going to try to do all of them.

What do you do during the offseason to stay in shape and prepare for next year? Do you play other sports? (if so, which ones?) 

In the offseason, I play soccer and club volleyball. I just recently got a gym membership and have been working out.

What do you like best about being a setter?

The thing I love the most about being a setter is feeling of satisfaction after one of your hitters gets a kill.

Who is your support group?

My Mom (Elena) and my Dad (Sanal) are my support group. I love them so much, and I am so thankful for them and all that they do for me.

What are your other hobbies or interests?

I like to hangout with friends,  play video games, play sports, and spend time with family.

Josh Tuaniga from Long Beach State was the 2018 NCAA Player of the Year

Who is your favorite college or pro volleyball player and why?

My favorite pro players are either Micah Christenson, or Josh Tuaniga. Their decision making is amazing, and their sets are beautiful.

KS Alum Leads VolleyBall Team In Rio – Ka Mō'ī
Micah Christensen former USC setter and member of Team USA

Is there a teacher or coach who really helped you along the way?

My high school coach, Coach Brian Chesley, was my first official volleyball coach, and he was the one who taught me how to set the proper way, from there all of the coaches at Sixpack have helped me improve a whole lot.

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