November 15, 2020 – By NJP

So here is our first question for you… Will you be wearing a mask during the full duration of your indoor practice or game this week or weekend?

And now our second question…

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

Well… let’s decide what a leader is… and what makes a good leader…

good leader is passionate and enthusiastic about their cause. They are also passionate and enthusiastic about their role as a leader. People will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication. Leaders need to be able to be a source of inspiration, and be a motivator towards the required action or cause.

Prep volleyball players gladly wear masks to play | High School Volleyball  |

You all are in tune to the latest COVID news. We are on a massive upswing of new infections and new hospitalizations nationwide. The curve in NJ is also trending up dramatically. It seems like we are days away (or maybe even hours away) from hearing of the next shutdowns of events, sports, restaurants, gyms, etc… It has been proven that wearing a mask keeps us all safe. It also keeps safe our mothers and father, our grandmothers and grandfathers, and many of our family members that are so much more at risk for serious illness than some of you may be. Players can carry this disease home and that’s where everyone’s life can change. So why not be a leader!!!

When your team coach says “It’s OK, if you’re on the court you don’t need a mask”, Be a LEADER! When the facility head at your club says “Sure, you can still touch hands between every point”, Be a LEADER! Are we really that brainwashed that we cannot change our ways and come up with another way to connect on the court? Our young student athletes are super smart and aware of current world conditions. It’s not that hard of a challenge to figure out!

High school athletes now required to wear masks during games | Crawford  County Avalanche

We came through a Spring high school season for boys that was completely cancelled. We pushed back our Fall girls high school season by 5 months and are risk of losing both of these seasons again. Yet, we are so set in our ways that a simple task of putting on a mask, even after complete season shutdowns in the past, is now being considered optional.

This is not a time to fall in line and let someone else decide this for you. It’s time to look after your own health and the health of your family and friends. Make a stand. Tell your teammates to “Set the trend and follow my lead”. It’s much easier than you think.

And tell your coach the same… “Set the trend and follow my lead”

Tell your club director… “Set the trend and follow my lead”

Volleyball players adapting to game wearing masks

Leadership does not follow the path of least resistance. Leaders put their hearts on the line for something they believe in. Are you strong enough to “Set the trend and follow my lead”?

Wear a mask all the time!

Don’t touch hands after every point!

Don’t touch hands with opponents before or after games!

Follow the other protocols established at your volleyball facilities!

Wash hands and use hand sanitizers frequently!

If you are not feeling well, stay home!

Let’s give ourselves every opportunity to keep our future high school seasons. It’s all in your hands! Be a LEADER!

Facing a possible sports shutdown, Texas 4A & below volleyball teams are  willing guinea pigs for COVID-19 precautions

If your club, Coaches, and Volleyball facilities support wearing masks and making other accomodations so we can all keep playing, kudos to them! Appreciate their leadership! Clubs, High Schools, State Agencies, Volleyball Organizations, and Volleyball facilities all have an obligation to keep their participants and fans safe. It is just not acceptable to put our youth and their families at risk.

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