New Years Addition

January 1, 2021 – By NJP

Everyone has their favorite Top 10 list. NJP has decided to have a contest for our NJ volleyball community to list all of the reasons they love to play beach volleyball… We will compile all the entries and pick & share the Top winners.

We took the liberty to get us started in the typical Top 10 tradition of goofy and double meaning a la David Letterman suggestions. (If you’re not familiar or need some refreshing, click David Letterman’s name)

And remember, NO Wagering!

Here we go…

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Only have to worry about one teammate instead of 5. 

Can take an outdoor shower in between matches.

Don’t have to spend money on expensive volleyball shoes.

The abundance of crack is astounding! (No, not the drug)

We love me some garden state parkway!

You don’t have to worry if you ever forget someone’s name… just call them Sandy!

A glorious goddess-like tan. 

You can dig on the beach and don’t need a shovel.

That early morning fish smell from Barnegat bay…

Free facials!

You can get your ass kicked on the beach without any physical harm. 

The trophies!

Everyone thinks your talking about food (pancake, butter, pepper, roll, nectar, sauce, cheddar, biscuit, float, deep dish, waffle, etc…)

Playing on the sand is low impact. All 5 of your knees will benefit… (left, right, 2 kids and a hi)

The sunsets! 

You can scream “nice set” on the beach and no one cares…

We think you get the idea… submit your reason by dm, post on social or email to by Sunday, January 3rd. Let’s bring the New Year in with some laughs…

Good luck!


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