(Above: Griffin(Far Left) celbrates a point with Luca Berger (#13), Julian Meissner (#9), and Alvaro Gimeno (Right)) From NJIT website

February 8, 2021


Former Bridgewater Raritan Panther Griffin Fieseler is off to an amazing start at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The 6’7 setter led the Highlanders to 2 victories this past weekend and was the recipient of the National Freshman Player of the Week award from “Off the Block”.

Fieseler has fit right in on the up and coming NJIT program that was preseason ranked at #17 in the country for D1/D2 programs. He was quietly confident during his first four games and looked like a seasoned veteran right out of the gate.

Griffin shared with NJP… “The first few weeks of this season have been incredible. Getting to play lots of high level volleyball at NJIT and being part of a team of extremely talented and dedicated players is a dream come true. I’m looking forward to see how much we can improve throughout the season”.

According to the” Off The Block” tweet:


Impressive stats and beginning for Griff. NJP’s 2018-19 Player of the Year has not missed a beat at the highest level of play at the college level. The Highlanders continue to be a team to watch after taking #4 Lewis to 5 sets in their second match of the season.

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