3-17-21 – By NJP

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. NJP takes a shot at the day 2 schedule for NJ Girls High School Volleyball.

Opening Day was a glorious reunion of players and teams across the state. It was just too long a period to not have high school volleyball. Enjoy every second because it’s going to go by fast.

At this point (2:45AM) yesterday’s predictor result stands at 36-10. (UPDATE FINAL RECORD 42-11) A pretty poor showing based on our normal standard. But we never used our predictor formulas based on pre-season ratings before. We typically do not commence the Predictor until we have two weeks of the season data under our belts. But the season is so short, we figured what the heck…. All in good fun.

Please note the schedule is one of the most dynamic we have seen. It seems to change by the hour, probably driven by a host of challenges for this short season. We tried to align games for our picks that are likely to sustain. Fingers-crossed. There were numerous cancellations and corrections for yesterday bringing our 75 games picked down substantially. Any reschedules or cancellations are noted on the pick sheet.

Here are our picks for 3-17. Good Luck to all of the Girls!!!!



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